Can anyone use the ecca Academy?

  • Yes.  The ecca academy is a free resource available to all.  We have developed it to improve understanding of prepainted metal and the coil coating industry.  However, to use it, we do ask that you register, just so that we have a record of who is using the academy.

How do I register?

  • Follow the link from the home page and enter a few simple details.  You will receive a confirmation email, then you can start learning.  It’s that simple!

What will you do with my registration details?

  • We will not pass your details to anyone else.  We will use them to help us understand who is using the ecca Academy so that we can continue to develop it.  We will use your email address to send you emails about the ecca Academy and if you will allow us to, also information about ecca.

Why do I need to enrol on a course?

  • We realise that not everyone needs to know the same things, so we have organised the 8 modules into courses.  This allows you to work towards a completed qualification without doing the less relevant sections.  If you want to know a bit about everything, enrol on “The full programme” and you will see everything.


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The lessons

What does the “Mark as known” button do?

  • When you have read a page, you can click the “Mark as known” button.  The ecca Academy will remember that you have read this page and will place a tick next to it in the contents list.  When you view the “My progress” page the % completed reflects how many pages you have marked as known.

Some of the pictures are too small to read the detail – can I make them bigger?


  • Wherever images, for example graphs, contain detail, you can click on them to see a bigger version. This way, it is easy to read the page and you are still able to see the detail of the images.

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The exams

Do I have to read a whole module before starting the exam?

  • No, but the exam will cover the whole module, so it is best to read it all the way through before you start.  You can always come back t the lessons to refresh your memory once you have started the exam.

Can I complete part of the exam and return to it later?

  • Yes. Always make sure that you go to the bottom of the exam page and click “Save and validate”.  This will mark the questions you have done so far and save your progress.

What score do I have to get to pass the exams?

  • You have to get all questions right to pass the exams.  The answers are all to be found in the lessons and if you get one wrong, you can just try again, so it isn’t too hard!

What happens once I have completed an exam?

  • Congratulations! Once you have completed an exam, you can just close that window down.  The ecca Academy will know that you have completed that module.  All pages in the module will be marked as known, but as a registered user, you can return to the lessons as often as you like for reference.  You personalised course certificate will be updated to show that you have completed this module.  If you have more modules to complete in your course, you can now progress to the next one.  

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Other FAQs

I started on one course, but having got half way through I want to transfer to a different course.  Will the progress I have already made be saved for me?

  • Yes. For example, if you completed Module 1 while studying under the Marketing Programme, then decided to change to the Full Programme, then the ecca Academy will know that you have already completed Module 1 and you won’t need to re-sit the exam.

What if I only want a brief introduction to coil coating?

  • If you only want a brief introduction, then register on The Basics which just contains Module 1, giving a brief introduction to all aspects of coil coating.  You will still be able to do an exam and get a certificate of completion.

I just want information on a specific topic – how can I find it?

  • There are a couple of ways of doing this.  If you are enrolled on the Full Programme, you can browse through all modules to find the relevant section.  There is also a Search box at the top of each page which will find the lessons where a certain term is to be found.

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